• Pablo Thoreau

5 tips to get out of a Netflix recommendation from your S/O. 

In the last 3 years there has been a 2,300% increase in reported cases of Netflix-related spousal harassment. As we head into the problematic winter season, here are some handy tips to get your lover to stop recommending shit TV shows.

1) Make vague claims about the main actor's dodgy past. Hint at an issue such as #MeToo, a drug problem or domestic violence - this should be enough to cast a shadow over a new program. Works best with a male actor.

2) Talk about how sexy the star of the show is. "They'd be my celebrity freebie." "I'm going to follow them on Insta now." Once you make your partner insecure about that sexy new someone, they should ease off. Works best if they look nothing like your partner.

3) Uhh shit #3? People don't normally read these lists. Maybe complain about how you want to spend more quality time not looking at screens... That shit's pretty popular right now, isn't it?

4) Maybe say you've already watched it? Spend 10 minutes reading a quick summary of the show, then just bluff your way through. "What a great ending!".

5) Just say no. Open and honest communication is very important in any relationship. But realistically we all know you'll be too scared to say anything so you'll waste 17 hours of your life staring at a program you don't care about. While you blankly observe the screen, think about all the poor choices you've made that have led to this point.

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