• Adrian Barclay

Australia pretty good despite shit flag, anthem, govt & national shamelessness

Yep, we've got it pretty good. Freed prisoners living in the richest country on earth, held back not a millimetre by our collective idiocy.

We also have some of the smartest, most creative people on the planet raised here. Sure, they have to hide for fear of Pol Pot-esque resprisals and ostracisation, but if you search hard enough, you'll find them and be rewarded.

Our flag has another country's flag on the top left. The nation shifts its eyes to the right and bellows with pride at the flapping Southern Cross on a blue Pantone 280 background.

Our anthem heralds a nation both 'young and free' in the second line. As time marches on its weary path, the less true these claims become. While only a selective and richly caveated reading of 'boundless plains to share' reaches our national border and asylum policies. Yet for those lucky enough to make it all the way through to Australian citizenship, they can unfurl their potential on this great land. And most do.

Despite our government with its spears piercing the national interest on so many issues, it always feels like there are enough of us with our heads screwed on to call the Prime Minister a dickhead when required.

Our history is so whitewashed it makes for a stolen generation in itself. Yet reckoning with history requires a mass of political change. Political change is what this nation loathes above all else. This nation, like many others can change for the better. Simply delay your expectations by 40 years and you'll find happiness here in Australia.

Happy Australia Day everyone!

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