• Adrian Barclay

Barely literate bloke from school plugs climate change conspiracy on Facebook

A long-term academic battler is superior to his peers now that he has exposed the global climate change profiteering conspiracy for what it is.

"Greta, Gates and Soros caused these weather events," claims Narrabri resident Joel Eastlake.

Mr Eastlake enjoyed all the benefits of a world-class education as a country boarder in Sydney's exclusive St Mungos College. As recent Facebook posts make clear, a world-class dunce exited the college, his brain impermeable to education. Illiteracy and innuneracy haven't dented his confidence one iota.

Eastlake has moved on from blaming the Greens for the bushfire crisis and is now sharing Greta Thunberg conspiracy videos from YouTube.

The phenomena has confounded experts. Free internet and widespread education has fertilised the Dunning-Kruger effect.

"Give me the child for seven years and I'll give you a manchild," says Professor of Human Science, Dave Welsh from Sydney University.

Professor Welsh might be playing on the famous maxim of Saint Ignatius, but the present results are cuttingly real.

"We expected education to reduce the spread of idiocy. Instead idiocy has spread faster than the global Coronavirus contagion. We have a WTF situation that defies explanation."

University chancellors have gathered around the world wondering if tertiary education should shut up shop.

'We are willing to take extreme measures to halt this global pandemic,' reads a statement from the chancellors.

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