• Pablo Thoreau

Bloke who made $16 million from 100 days work in 2019 yet again claims he's getting treated poorly.

Spanish tennis powerhouse, underwear model and current world number 1 Rafael Nadal (33) has today spoken to journalists after he was unceremoniously thrashed at the 2020 ATP singles by Belgium's David Goffin.

After being thoroughly beaten, Rafa took a quick break from his favourite activity - crying in public - to berate tennis authorities for giving him such a busy schedule in the new year. He claimed that despite averaging $1 million per singles tournament in 2019 and making millions more in endorsements, he was being put under unfair pressure.

"The public doesn't understand how demanding our schedule is. In 2019 I only got to spend about 250 days with my friends and family, travelling the world and also tying the knot with my childhood sweetheart in an elaborate wedding at Spain's most expensive castle with hundreds of guests. When do I get some 'me' time?"

Nadal's net-worth of $200 million is walking, talking proof that money doesn't buy happiness. But it can buy you a $700K watch, a yacht and a mansion to cry in.

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