• Pablo Thoreau

Boomer asking to "bomb Wuhan" orders third Corona at Lucky Dragon.

Cowra-based father of four Darren Henderson (63) has spent the last year assaulting his Facebook friends with an endless stream of poorly crafted anti-China memes, causing several of his children to unfollow him.

Despite this vocal sentiment, the semi-retired plumber hasn't broken his streak of ordering plain rice and spiceless chicken at the Lucky Dragon every Thursday for the last 14 years.

While he appears to hold major concerns about Aussie jobs, Chinese landowners and the spread of disease - this hasn't stopped Darren from kissing a clearly uncomfortable waitress on the cheek as she greets his family, and unnecessarily placing his hand on the small of her back as she guides his wife and adult children to their usual table.

"I don't understand why all those Chinese people in Sydney can't be more like this lot" Darren told his kids, as they squirmed in their seats. "They came out here and just know what they're good at. Not causing trouble."

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