• Pablo Thoreau

Drenched city worker doesn't feel a song coming on.

Mick 'Sutho' Sutherland (37), a brickie from Hurstville in New South Wales is today struggling to keep his shit together after being repeatedly asked "How good is this rain?".

After spending the last 3 months breathing in lungfuls of bushfire smoke at work, Mick was finally looking forward to a few weeks of normal summer weather to round out the busy season. Unfortunately it looks like that's been spoiled by some much needed and very annoying rainfall across most of the state.

Rejecting calls from friends that he should be "stoked" or "cheering" with the weather change, Sutho simply wants to be able to get these last 2 jobs done before the end of the month so he can load up the boat and shoot off to Port Macquarie for 10 days of drinking Iron Jack in the sun before the kids go back to school.

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