• Pablo Thoreau

Facebook rolls out 'facepalm' react after rough start to 2020.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has today announced he'll be launching the facepalm emoji as a reaction choice after many Facebook users were put through an emotional wringer in the last 30 days.

"We want to give our community a way to deal with all this crazy shit going on" said Zuckerberg during an 8-minute video stream in which he didn't blink. "We think this will be a great stepping-stone to the 'fucking seriously?' react planned for later in the year."

Not being content with the impeachment of the most powerful world leader, devastating bushfires and floods, global protests, an imminent war between the USA and Iraq, and the untimely death of an NBA great - 2020 has twisted the screws further, with the deadly coronavirus being found in patients on 5 continents.

Cambridge Analytica has already confirmed that 80% of customers in the trial used the facepalm react on the first day, and maintained constant use of it in approximately 65% of all health, science, politics or celebrity-news articles.

The only content on Facebook this week to be completely free of facepalms was a 45 second video of an orphaned baby koala riding on the back of a golden retriever.

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