• Adrian Barclay

"Flowers would've been thoughtful," says girlfriend who detests Valentine's Day.

Giftless Ruby Timble has been disappointed today that her boyfriend Jarod took her remark against Valentine's Day literally.

"Flowers, a card, a nice dinner. I got nothing. A bit of bloody romance wouldn't go astray," voiced a perplexed Ruby.

"Ruby said she was against consumerism," Jarod complained.

Ruby took unbrage at Jarod's faux pas. Jarod clearly should have known that Ruby likes a bit of romantic appreciation from time to time.

"Flowers would've been thoughtful," Ruby wrote in a heated WhatsApp message. "You're a bit clueless when it comes to relationships."

Jarod, in his first serious relationship, is yet to learn that all women like flowers and cards.

"Women want you to talk straight to them but don't reciprocate. How was I meant to know that 'I don't like Valentine's Day' means 'buy me flowers'? Go figure."

Jarod has contacted Ruby's best friend and mum for ideas on how to recover from today's drama.

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