• Adrian Barclay

Fran Kelly stumbles over Pete Buttigieg's name one last time

"It's like the Annastacia Palaszczuk thing all over again," said the veteran ABC breakfast radio host.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the Democrat race overnight, to the relief of news readers around the world.

Reports have emerged that a horde of news reporters have been begging their producers not to include segments on the Democrat primaries so that they wouldn't have to say the phoenetic doozy that is Buttigieg, pronounced Bood-di-jegde.

Now that Buttigieg has dropped out of the race, journalists and reporters alike are keen to cover the race again.

Even when Fran Kelly did say Buttigieg's name correctly, she did so with very little confidence, as if what she was pronouncing couldn't possibly be correct.

"Warren, Sanders, Biden. Good wholesome names," said Kelly. "They just roll off the tongue. You just fucking try to say Buttigieg at 6 am with the bation's ears pricked ready for a mistake to report in. Bloody know-it-all ABC fucks with nothing better to do than correct me!"

The Masthead caught up with Kelly outside her Canberra studio this morning. Responding to comments that she looked relieved to see the back of Buttigieg, Kelly quipped; "I'll let you Buttigieg of that."

Pressure clearly takes its toll in radio and live television. The Media Arts and Entertainment Alliance, the union for the media, is advocating that news organisations create a new form of stress leave for presenters, called pronounciation leave.

"We think it's the right time to look after our members' health," said MEAA spokesperson Reg Dawson. "This Buttigieg bloke is taking the piss if he thinks we can say his name. Surely if he is real about getting elected he should deal with that non-anglo debasement."

Unsurprisingly, media organisations contacted by The Masthead aren't keen on introducing pronounciation leave.

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