• Adrian Barclay

"Let bygones be bygones," drunk pugilist tells group chat

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

A man who unleashed a regretable flurry of aggression over the weekend and has a history of dicking friends over has urged his mates to get over it.

His message was one of forgiveness. "Oi were [sic] all mates. Let bygones be bygones ya pussies."

This isn't the first time Tim Richards has acted the fool.

"We cut Richo a wide berth when he's on the piss," a man known to Mr Richards told The Masthead.

Mr Richards' olive branch to his friends came with a catch.

"Oi, can someone be my character witness in court?"

Mr Richards faces charges of assault and affray at Wollongong local court due to be scheduled today.

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