• Pablo Thoreau

Local women acting like they're not fuckwits, still buying bulk toilet paper.

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Katherine (34) and Meghan (36) have been loose acquaintances for years - with their kids attending the same private school and their husbands members of the same footy club.

Running into each other in Woolworths today, they both made sure to buy a bunch of other unnecessary items to cover up the panic-buying of toilet paper.

"Oh we just needed a pasta strainer, 6 cans of tuna and 3 lightbulbs" said Katherine when busted with a 24-pack under each arm. "I figured I'd just grab some paper for the loo while I'm here".

Meghan, who drove 3 suburbs away to avoid running into anyone she knew, was acting like she had accidentally stumbled across a 12-pack of 3-ply. "Just a little back-up, you never know." said Meghan, not mentioning the 240 rolls already stashed in her boot.

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