• Adrian Barclay

Man shakes off depression after wafer-deep colleague says happiness is a choice

"It's just so easy when you think about it!" a newly happy Andrew told The Masthead.

Jenny from the client team, generous with her two-dimensional takes on life, dropped that little nugget of wisdom on Andrew today in the office kitchen. It was Andrew's first day back at work since his mental health leave.

"Wow, to think about all that time in the psych ward and the anti-depressants that made me eat like a Labrador when all I had to do was to listen to Jenny the pop psychologist! That's it. I choose to be happy! Done!"

"Jenny's great. She reminds me of that saying, 'the early morning sun warms only the shallowest of ponds'. She's just so damn happy."

Andrew has so much more free time now that he's been released from the prison of his brain. His plans include sailing, hiking, nurturing friendships and getting more involved in his local community.

"It feels so good to be unshackled from severe depression. Thanks Jenny!"

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