• Adrian Barclay

Non-Asians seen wearing masks on Sydney's streets in mark of solidarity, fear

"We are all one people now," said a masked Paddington local Damian Evans on a trip to the local IGA.

Sydneysiders from non-Southeast-Asian backgrounds have shed their cultural pride today and stepped out in public wearing medical face masks.

The Masthead attempted to flesh out a very flimsy premise by gleaning more out of Damian.

As our reporter pressed with further questions, Damian's eyes darted about wildly as he became alarmed at the many fellow shoppers approaching Coronavirus infection distance. He then scurried off to complete his shopping.

Not everyone is making such a seamless transition though to the new cultural harmony.

"It just feels so weird," said Donna Pascoe from Newtown.

"Why would people do this on the regular? Everyone is shooting me suss looks."

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