• Pablo Thoreau

NRA sues United States govt for limiting school shooting opportunities during lockdown.

As a broadening wave of school closures sweeps across the USA this week, the National Rifle Association have confirmed they'll be taking immediate legal action against Donald Trump's government.

While they normally walk hand-in-hand with the Republicans, senior figures in the NRA are unhappy that Trump has not offered them subsidies as their business of killing children starts to financially suffer.

Mass shootings at schools, movie theatres, concerts and other public venues are the key to an increase in NRA membership and gun sales. As the NRA are unable to directly profit off public shootings during the COVID-19 lockdown - they've asked for Trump to give them access to dying COVID patients as a temporary measure.

"The homeless, the sick, the unemployed - they're all being looked after - what about us?" asked one millionaire NRA executive, who asked to keep his identity hidden. "They're dying anyway. Throw us 15 or 20 of the white ones with good looking families - we're struggling to even get on the news at the moment."

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