• Adrian Barclay

Turnbull book lots of words, no action: just like he was as PM

A politician who isn't good at politics. At all. Is there anything we're missing?

Why should we miss him?

Basic questions need answering. Should a truck driver be able to drive before they steer a big rig?

Should a scientist have the science fundamentals down pat before cracking the Nobel Prize?

The former PM's 704-page memoir is a long read for a man who achieved nothing more than the top job.

Malcolm Turnbull's intelligent flourishes jar against his absent political skills. Tony Abbott outmanoeuvred him at every step.

A politician needs cunning. Turnbull doesn't have it.

A politician needs to get things done. Don't expect any explanation of the NBN fiasco in this book.

Turnbull loves his wife Lucy. At least that's something he's got over his old Liberal foes.

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