• Adrian Barclay

Underpaying boss reckons it's hard to find good staff

"Yeah, it's hard to find good workers," says local small businessman and AWA fan Rod Dunkett.

But when The Masthead put it to Mr Dunkett that good staff might be drawn to award wages and a half decent employer, he was unrepentant.

"Penny's been with me for years, ask her. I treat my staff well."

Penny, a young immigrant from south-east Asia, has the look of someone whose self-worth washed out on the tide many moons ago.

"He good man, I think," she cowered.

Mr Dunkett is always on the lookout for new staff to join his cafe. If you need an underpaying job with a boss whose temperament is unpredictable, send your CV with a photo of you as a young vulnerable woman to

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